The tour will disclose the mysteries of origin and the fragile beauty of glass. Come see the complete production procedure of pressed and handmade glass. Be a witness to how beautifully decor can be made by the skilful hands of cutlers. In the company store are bargain prices you can choose from a wide range of high quality, utility and decorative glass.

The whole tour lasts 40 minutes and is in Czech or Englisch languages. More informations here.

We advise you to book the tour in advance on phone +420 325 610 042, +420 325 602 217 or e-mail.

2 March 2015


Introducing ourselves…


Z historie do současnosti

The joint-stock company Crystal BOHEMIA was established on 28th November 2008 in order to preserve and to further develop the tradition of lead crystal production in Poděbrady. Crystal BOHEMIA a.s. became the owner of the glassworks on 29th April 2009 and, on 21st October of the very year, it put the factory into operation again after more than 12 months lasting shut-down. Recently, it keeps about 330 employees.


The BOHEMIA Glassworks located in Poděbrady continues the heritage of Bohemian cut crystal glass. This tradition dates back to the beginning of 18th century and it has influenced the entire glass industry of the world in the course of time. We can state proudly that the Bohemian crystal glass belongs to the best that came into being in the respective sector.


The glassworks in Poděbrady is the major manufacturer of lead crystal in the Czech Republic. It ranks also with the top world suppliers of lead crystal at all. 90% of the factory output are directed to foreign markets.


The blue and gold oval trade mark BOHEMIA CZECH REPUBLIC – LEAD CRYSTAL OVER 24% PbO has become synonymous with Bohemian lead crystal. It provides also customers with a guarantee of quality and combination of values by means of those the company communicates: utility, beauty and style.