We would like to invite you to a trip around the glassworks which includes a tour of the metallurgical operations and the cutting room, as well as a visit to our company shop. You will have an opportunity to take a closer look at the work of our skilled glass-blowers and cutters.

You can see their finished products in our shop which may be purchased at very reasonable prices.

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11 Jun 2016





















































Crystal BOHEMIA counts among the major producers of household glass in the Czech Republic and it ranks among the most important world producers of lead crystal, glass of extraordinary qualities. Our lead crystal contains at least 24% PbO. This fact enables our cutters to create matchless decorations, which make our products world-famous.


Variability and richness of thoughts have been always among the main features of our glassworks offer. Designing it, the company has drawn upon the rich tradition of Czech design, respecting the development of recent technologies, varying trends and actual demands of its customers. For the whole time of existence of the glassworks, such articles have been created that attract attention on professional fairs due to their unambiguous character.


Products labelled with a trademark BOHEMIA have been regular part of all important fairs, whether they have partaken in Ambiente Frankfurt, spring or autumn exhibitions in Madrid, Paris, Milano, Moscow, or Birmingham. Crystal BOHEMIA intends to resume this tradition gradually, to re-establish broken contacts, and to bring the BOHEMIA trademark back to its rightful place.