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Our Crystal BOHEMIA order form enables you to order our glassware in matter of clicks. Simply select items and quantities you wish to purchase; the form automatically calculates the remaining order details, including total volume, weight, and cost. If it is relevant, you may also see the percentage of container volume that your order fills. As you browse our collection while completing the form, you can see each item's availability and next planned production date. The Crystal BOHEMIA order form gives you all the packaging data you need immediately. Not only does it save you time and effort, it helps us prepare and deliver your order more quickly. In order to gain an access to our downloadable content, please contact our sales department. After registration we will send you the access data.




  • Before first use, carefully remove any adhesive left by the labels.
  • Products decorated with colours, gold or platinum are not suited for dishwashers. Use tepid water, mild detergent, fine sponge and wipe gently with a kitchen towel after washing.
  • Other glass products can be put in a dishwasher after selecting a program with lower temperatures, which are more suitable for glass washing.
  • Wash glass products in the dishwasher separately. In case of contact with metal objects, the glass can turn grey during the washing cycle.
  • In order to prevent glass abrasion, keep the glasses away from close contact with other firm objects including other glass.
  • Never leave a candle holder with a burning candle out of sight and within reach of children and house pets. Always place a candle holder on a non-flammable surface, away from flammable objects and draught. Do not let the candle burn down all the way. The heat can cause the candle holder to break, and thus create a fire.