Do not miss a unique experience and reveal the mystery of the creation of fragile beauty.


We will happily welcome you to our glassworks and show you where our famous Czech crystal is made. You will see an exposition of the history of the Podebrady glassworks during the tour, as well as a short movie about the glass manufacturing process. Finally, we will take you through the company's Cash & Carry store, where each of you will get a present from us, and where you will have the opportunity to purchase gifts from the Bohemian crystal for more affordable wholesale prices than in stores. 

We provide the excursions in Czech or English language. In the event that you are interested in interpretation in another language, you must have your interpreter. 


100 CZK
Children 12+, students 26-, seniors 65+, disabled
70 CZK
VIP excursion (price per excursion till 4 persons)
500 CZK



After prior reservation all year round, every working day at a pre-arranged time, at times: 

  • 8.30 AM – 9.15 AM
  • 10.15 AM – 13.00 PM

The tour starts at the main factory entrance and its length, including visit of the Cash & Carry shop, takes about 45-60 minutes.

For max. 25 persons



For more information and how to make a reservation please contact us from 8 AM to 14 PM on working days.

Book your visit in time.
When ordering by phone or in writing, do not forget to state:

  • your own name or name of the company that orders the excursion,
  • phone number and e-mail address
  • date and time of the excursion
  • full name of your own guide or the name of your group
  • name and surname of the leader or name of the group
  • number of visitors and number of the country of their origin
  • requested language of interpretation (Czech / English) 

The order can be supplemented by detailed information (e.g. age structure, professional focus etc.) or a special request which we will try to fulfill. Written confirmation of the term excursion contains IMPORTANT terms, conditions and guidelines, which all visitors must meet before a tour of the glassworks.



You can find us at Poděbrady near the railway and bus station. Free unguarded parking for cars is near the Cash & Carry shop, for buses in Drustevni Street (near the railway station).

The tour takes place on the first floor where no wheelchair access is available. Children younger than 12 years are not allowed in the glassworks. 

Further information can be found in the links Download – guidelines for no/ordered visitors. 



Before entering the glassworks, read the instructions, the observance of which will increase your protection against damage or injury: 

  • Entrance to the glassworks area is allowed only in solid footwear and without large baggage.
  • During the tour, follow the instructions of the guide who supervises your safety.
  • Move only along the marked route and stick to the group.
  • Do not touch any glass, semi-finished products or glass objects from the shard carts.
  • Do not enter into workplaces and rooms unrelated to the tour.
  • Do not touch machines, technical equipment, tools and switches.
  • Smoking during the tour and ingestion of alcohol or illegal drugs before or during the tour is forbidden in the whole area of the glassworks.

Warning: Any breach of these instructions is at the own risk of each visitor. In case of injury or damage caused by disrespecting these instructions or instructions given by a guide, the injured party does not have any claims for compensation.